Hope and expectation might look like words that have the same meaning.



But people use it interchangeably.

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Defining hope and expectation (since I made you doubt yourself!)

Chaos and opportunity are everywhere around us. We get carried away complaining about how the world doesn’t change. But you can do something about the problems that are in your control.

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You can look at all the news in the world and be concerned and worried at problems around us. It makes you feel like you have no control.


it’s true,

so, accept it.

Even if you can do something about a situation, the outcome is not in your control when you are expecting others to change in the process. Then, why bother trying to help. …

When talking to someone, we try to adjust to the information that we have from the past to judge the conversation and update the image we hold of them in our heads. This would make sense if the image is actually a true picture. But the truth is, it is made of bits of information you gathered from your encounters of others. Who you are is different from who you truly are, at least according to our intellectual capacity. Problem is you are not who you were yesterday. Every experience you have shapes you whether you recognize it or not.

People try to run away from toxicity. As this becomes more common, one has to wonder whether isolation is really going to solve the problem.

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Toxicity is normally not a conscious action. People generally do not try to bring unhappiness and suffering into others’ lives. There can be people who really have bought into an ideology and hurt people. Then there are the people who are suffering from past trauma and not conscious that they are causing suffering.

Once a toxic person infiltrates your life, you become part of it too consciously or subconsciously. It is a defense mechanism for…

Blindly listening to someone else sounds silly. So, you are careful when you listen to someone else speak. There is an inner gatekeeper who listens, processes and accepts the information. Yet, It’s just a voice in your head. Let’s call it the observer. Should you trust the observer?

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The observer seems to be taking an objective point of view. At the same time, it’s always judging and commenting. Being used to someone always pointing the way since you are young, you think, this voice might be useful in the long run to ensure you are going the right direction.


We are without doubt the most comfortable generation. But, we are also the most anxious, depressed and suicidal generation. What is even more disturbing is the fact that people in the so called wealthy communities seem to be doing worse than the average man who is just trying to make a living. You know the problem is serious when the people we look up to are doing worse than the people who are trying to make it.

Since looking up to other people to compare and make our lives better is a bad idea, I have realized the importance of…

She was just back to meet me for a coffee after an interview. She looked like she really wanted the job. There was this overly excited facial expression mixed with a touch of nervousness when she spoke. I knew her for a very long time. I knew that she really wanted the job for some reason. So, I asked her “Looks like the interview you went for was really something you wanted. You seem to be in a very excited mood.” She immediately did a very strange thing. She downplayed it by saying “No, nothing like that.” Yet, I could…

I am in my car in the middle of this busy street. The signal is red and there is a lot of traffic. I felt impatient. When I changed the gear, suddenly, I was able to fly above all the cars in front like magic. It felt so real.

This is a dream my mom has which seems to constantly repeat. She keeps telling me how fascinating it is. The dream is really intriguing. She never sees more nor does she understand why.

When someone tells you they had a dream, there is a tendency to find meaning…

Imagine a conversation between 2 people, the bond strengthens at the moment you decide you want to simply spend as much time as you can with the other person. Time is the most valuable resource we have. The moment you are ready to give that up to be with someone, you know that a bond is being created. Whether the conversation is in agreement or disagreement is not of relevance as the intensity between the two increases. Even if everything to be said is shared, sometimes you may feel you want to continue the conversation. Logically there is no more…

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It’s easy to complain about something. I am referring to chronic complainers who vent out their complaints to people who do not have any influence on the situation. Almost everybody complains about their work, their school or any other situation they are in.

Complaining requires no effort. You can blow off steam and also feel good about it if you find people who empathize with you. It’s even better if you find people who validate your complaints.

When you complain, you are indirectly implying that you are in a situation in life where the situation is out of your control…

Shad Ali

Vancouver based writer

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